Clear Acrylic Makeup Organizer Diamond Handles Kardashian Style Jewelry Storage


0 0 1 544 3105 USF 25 7 3642 14.0 Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE MAKEUP LOVERS ALL OVER THE WORLD HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH OUR BEAUTIFUL ACRYLIC MAKEUP ORGANIZERS!Organizer Handles Available in Multiple Colors and Designs: Clear Diamond (Chrome Base)Clear Diamond (Gold Base)Pink DiamondPurple DiamondClear PumpkinClear Crystal BallPlease remember to message seller with the color and/or design of your choice. Pictures available in listing. Dividers available for sale upon request. Our StoryWe LOVE Makeup! And we have a TON of it. But we realized very quickly, that cluttered counters, and unorganized bathroom drawers were causing stress and craziness in our lives. We needed a simple, elegant solution to keep our makeup organized and maintain our sanity. We have spent countless hours designing, re-designing, manufacturing, and improving our product, in order to offer our customers the highest quality, most beautiful organizer on the market. Over 2,000 happy customers later, we are happy to say that we have definitely achieved this. All of our Makeup Organizers are manufactured with the highest quality of Acrylic on the market (premium, heavy-duty clear Acrylic/Lucite materials) and are made manufactured right from our factory in Chattanooga,TN. LongevityThe manufacturing processes and materials we use all extend the life of our products with the end goal of our organizers being as beautiful 10 years from now as the day you bought them.Many of our competitors use a time-saving technique of bending acrylic corners. By bent corners we mean they take a sheet and bend it at 90 degrees to produce a rounded corner. This saves on manufacturing costs, but at what price? In order to bend acrylic you need to heat it up, making it malleable. Only once it’s heated is it bendable. The issue is that the amount of heat required to bend the material also diminishes it’s quality and makes it more susceptible to damage. Even as bent acrylic may look fine when it’s first produced, it isn’t until months later that small surface cracks or crazing marks will appear and spread along the area where the acrylic was heated. Because they’re surface cracks it doesn’t necessarily have an effect on the functionality of the product, but it certainly looks bad. We joint every corner, a process which takes longer but yields stronger corners that won’t diminish in appearance over time. Our Organizers Our organizers are made with 100% USA sourced materials to create quality products. Acrylic comes in two different variants, cast acrylic and extruded acrylic. Even as they’re both acrylic, they have some key differences. Some advantages of cast acrylic over extruded are: More scratch resistantHarder, more resilientClearer, less foggy materialLess bendable It is on account of these advantages that we only use cast acrylic for our products. Our competitors however continuously choose extruded acrylic for it’s one distinct advantage, it’s cheaper. The Cutie Cube (Luxe) is the embodiment of these values. With its’ clear acrylic design and deluxe diamond handles it offers an elegant and effective solution for storing and organizing your cosmetics collection. Our Cutie Cube (Luxe) organizer is the perfect organizational solution for your sophisticated tastes. It’s everything that makes our standard Cutie Cube great but with extra flair and included accessories. With its’ see-thru acrylic design and premium diamond handles it makes finding what you want to get ready both easy and convenient – saving you time and frustration. No more fumbling through drawers and rushing a botched makeup application. Once you’ve used one of our organizers you’ll be able to never wish to go back. Organizer Sizes Small (5-tiers, 12x11x11 inches)- includes 4 drawers and 1 flip top Medium (6-tiers, 15x11x11 inches)- includes 5 drawers and 1 flip top Large (7-tiers, 18x11x11 inches)- includes 6 drawers and 1 flip top**Note: Organizers are handmade to order!


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