Shany Rebel Series Pro Makeup Artists Multifunction Cosmetics Trolley Case


Shany Rebel Series Pro Makeup Artists Multifunction Cosmetics Trolley Case Product Description: SHANY Rebel Alpha Pro make up case is the most convenient as far as the size and functions. SHANY Rebel cases are modern and sleek. The Alpha version comes with a large top compartment were you’ll be able to easily place your favorite makeup brushes and other easy access tools. It converts itself to a free-standing portable makeup station with a mirror, drawers, and tiered trays for storing your supplies whilst staying organized. The exterior is made of heavy duty leather match and aluminum frames which adds a very sharp appearance on the stage. The extendable large and small compartments in the middle portion area are adjustable and will fit almost any size beauty supplies. Rebel Alpha case includes bottom lockable wheels for easy rolling and converting into a free-standing make up station. The Rebel Alpha cases are great for medium to full stage applications. Based on industry standards the Rebel Alpha cases are considered medium size trolley cases, which are airport friendly with majority of airlines, and also will also be carried around easily because of their light weight. Cosmetics Trolley case featureslockable compartments, Mirror, Retractable take care of, spill resistantExpandable trays, fits hair dryer, Flat Iron, perfumes, Nail polishes, brush cleansers, liquid foundationsLight weight, Airport friendly, easy to pull, Rebel wheeled makeup cases do not have assemblyFree set of cosmetics organizer mesh bag comes with all SHANY large wheeled trolley makeup casesRolling case Measurement25.5L X 15W X 10H, Trays7.5L X 7W, Front Drawer14W X 4L X 7.5H Note *All retailers not collecting sales tax from purchasers in Colorado, Kentucky, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont, and Washington are required to give the following notice: Even if we, as the seller, aren’t obligated to collect sales tax in your state, this purchase is subject to sales tax unless it is specifically exempt from taxation. This purchase in not exempt merely because it is made over the internet or by other remote means. Your state requires that you file a tax return at the end of the year reporting your whole purchases that were not taxed and pay tax on those purchases. Retailers that do not collect Colorado, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Vermont, or Washington sales tax, including ourselves, will provide you an end-of-year summary of your purchases to assist you in filing that report. You may contact your state’s Department of Revenue for details on how to file this return. For purchasers in Colorado, Louisiana, Vermont, and Washington please note that we are required by law to provide your state with a report of the total amount of all of your purchases from us at the end of the year.


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